Qantas EM/SEM Transition Project

This massive project completed in 2012 won the Master Builders Association Excellence in Construction Award for 2013. It involved the refurbishment of the existing Qantas Large Engine Overall (LEO) Warehouse so they could service A380, A330 and 747 large aero-engines. The works were undertaken in two stages over a 22-week program and the contract awarded based on Inaphase’s sound knowledge and experience of working with Qantas at airports for over thirteen years.

Stage 1 of the project included safe demolition and construction of an Administration Building, now purpose-built to include offices, landscaping, amenities and all necessary facilities. Stage 2 included repainting the structure and internal surfaces of an over 3,000m² warehouse, the installation of anti-slip flooring and extensive refurbishment works including lighting, ventilation, exhaust, gas heating and the relocation of a 500kg double girder overhead crane.

Key challenges included:

  • Finding undocumented hazardous materials during demolition requiring safe removal processes and rescheduling works.
  • For the warehouse repaint, extensive surface preparation with detailed pressure cleaning, rust repair, structural steel stiffening and replacement works.
  • Materials handling and deliveries that needed to be coordinated with Qantas in advance and on a daily basis to not disrupt 24/7 operations; shared roads needed to be maintained, cleaned, debris-free and clearly accessible at all times.
  • The need to maintain all services from the main communication hub and racks, located in the administration building, 24/7 throughout the entire build. Our solution was to move the services through a reinforced concrete block wall, temporarily into the warehouse, where they were kept completely dust-free and dry with dust screens and bunting, during the repainting.
  • Relocating equipment and machinery from the Aero Engine Support Shop including a 500kg tooling carousel measuring about 4 metres long and high and nearly 1 metre wide.
  • During the build, we were asked to resurface 1,685m² of existing bitumen roadways and concrete paving in addition to contracted works.
  • Inaphase doesn’t mind hard or tricky work, and we love working with our long-term and valued clients. We readjusted schedules, found innovative solutions and rose to the challenge, completing the project on time, in budget with no injuries or lost time. In doing so, we set a new benchmark.


Qantas Airways Limited


$2.4 Million


3,400 m²


Qantas Jetbase, MASCOT